With the advances in technology in every segment of our lives, it’s no surprise that gun scopes have become technologically advanced as well. One of those technological advancements is, of course, halopgraphic sights. These sights are fantastic options to replace the old iron sights and provide even more accuracy in close to medium range targets. While it’s easy to see how these sights can help you fire your weapon with higher efficiency, it can be tough to know what is the best holographic sight out there on the market today. For that reason we have gone through and tested all the top brands out here and come away with the top 5 you can find today.

Holographic sights are mostly used by the members of the United States Military and Law Enforcement for close range encounters. They are the best for snapshots; however, it is also used for long-range shooting because of its accuracy. They are both lightweight and small so that anyone can mount them on other scopes as a reliable backup.


Your Guide To The Best Holographic Sight of 2019



What Is A Holographic Sight?

For those that don’t know, the best holographic sight makes use of a laser-transmitted hologram, which is automatically recorded in a three-dimensional space. Its image then becomes part of the viewing optical window. As there is an increasing need for more accurate ways to further equip firearms, shooters and hunters have somehow realized the superiority of holographic sights. Without a doubt, any electronic sight can provide fast and accurate target acquisition than a standard iron sight. However, for the best quality, holographic sights are the way to go.

Holographic sights originally were mostly used by members of the United States Military and Law Enforcement for close range to medium range encounters. However, in the right hands, they can also be used for long-range shooting because of its accuracy. They are both lightweight and small so that anyone can mount them on other scopes as a reliable backup.


Best Holographic Sight Review of 2019

Below you will find our review of the best holographic sight options out there today along with their best features and why we choose them where we did to help you decide which one fits you.


1) Trijicon RMR 6.5 MOA Adjustable LED Red Dot Sight

Trijicon RMR 6.5 Adjustable LED Red Dot Sight is often used for target practice, but are its features worth the price? The RMR 6.5 MOA has a unique physical appearance, thanks to its patented body shape. More important than its aesthetic effect is the inverted arc-shaped housing-unit for the lens increasing its level of durability as the lens is strongly protected by way of shock redistribution.

If you want to own a red dot sight for some typical self-defense device, the Trijicon RMR 6.5 MOA is worth it. Even in worst conditions like needing to transfer from indoors to outdoors quickly, this red dot sight is sure to deliver. Its auto brightness adjustment also deserves special recognition, especially that it can override it manually if you want more control of the brightness. The aluminum body, on the other hand, is excellent because it is lightweight and durable.

This optic is the best holographic sight in our review and is perfect for practical gun owners and frequent users; its firearm competency is beyond excellent. It is reliable for both self-defense and even periodic target-shooting only.


Trijicon RMR is an excellent choice because of features like:

  • Auto adjusts for brightness.
  • Easy elevation adjustment that perfectly coincides with a single MOA for a click; no specialized tools needed = Works well in worst conditions.
  • Its patented design that pushes durability high up another notch. It diverts the impact forces to many other parts, away from its lens.
  • Decent 6.5 MOA LED, with multiple brightness settings.
  • Super bright setting.
  • Two (2) modes for Night Vision.

While it is quite expensive and often needs re-sighting every single time you change its battery, Trijicon Red Dot is a performer, definitely worth the price.


2) EOTech Holographic Weapon Sight Black, Non-Night Vision Compatible



EOTech 512 is the most popular EOTech holographic sight designed primarily for close range shooting. Its holographic optics are categorized under the red dot sights family; however, they are far from the traditional mold.

The 512 can reflect a laser into the complex reticle, unlike the traditional red optic dot. It has rectangular lenses and an open square body that allows over the sight vision more efficiently. For any shooter, the mechanics can offer a broader view to maintain heightened situational awareness easily. Simply put, this is the closest to actual military standards, more like “Counter-Strike” in real life.

Also, the EOTech Holographic Weapon Sight is lightweight. A full-grown man, who has standard-sized hands, can conceal the device entirely by just covering it with both hands. Moreover, its rear-facing window is equipped with a 3-inch shatter-proof glass-laminate.

EOTech 512 brings accuracy, versatility, and high performance in one device. Its twenty (20) brightness settings are incredibly functional in both bright and low-light conditions, thanks to the integrated microprocessor with automated battery-level monitoring. This EOTech model also has an automatic shutdown function that can be adjusted without any additional tools


EOTech Holographic Weapon Sight is preferred because of features like:

  • Military quality
  • Absorbs shock
  • Electronic precision performance
  • Fully waterproof (and submersible up to 10 feet)
  • Shatterproof optics
  • Durable and lightweight for close-combat deployment
  • Twenty (20) levels of brightness settings
  • Uses two readily available standard AA batteries

While there is no night vision with inconsistent reticle quality, the EOTech 512 is among the best holographic sights on the market. The price is reasonable compared to those that are officially used by military personnel.


3) Burris 300234 Fastfire III with Picatinny Mount 3 MOA Sight



Burris FastFire III Red Dot Reflex Sight is a versatile red dot sight. It is designed for mounting on shotgun, handgun, or hunting rifle to provide precise target acquisition.

Lightweight, the Burris Fast-Fire can provide unlimited eye relief, 1x parallax-free magnification, and non-complex operation. This Red Dot Sight also includes elevation adjustment and windage without needing additional gunsmithing.

Moreover, the Red Dot Sight by Burris carries a convenient power button featuring automated brightness setting, multiple brightness levels, and easy battery access. All of these features make it easy to replace batteries.


Burris Fastfire III is preferred because of features like:

  • Lighter, smaller, and more compact design than most other red dot sights.
  • Large field-of-view due to low magnification capability.
  • Durable frame made up of bronze, stainless steel, and anodized aluminum.
  • Unlimited eye relief that is excellent with rifles, handguns, and shotguns.
  • Light-emitting diode.
  • Multicoating between two optical quality and polished glass lenses against abrasion and scratches.

Pistols and AR-15s are the perfect matches with lever guns, carbines, and shotguns.


4) Vortex Venom Red Dot Top Load 3 MOA Dot



The Vortex Venom red dot sight is lightweight and compact – two elements that help enhance the shooting performance

Its top load design that highlights flat head adjustments can fit perfectly into a shotgun, pistol, and AR. The 3 bright MOA red dot is excellent in promoting rapid target achievement as well as precise points of aim.

The Vortex Venom, also, carries an auto shutdown feature right after 14-hours of non-stop operation to extend the battery life. It is also shock resistant and waterproof with aluminum housing. The battery is extremely easy to change because of the top-load system that will not require you to remove the sight anymore. It is the CR 1632 battery that the sight is using.


Venom 3MOA dot sight is preferred because of features like:

  • Full multi-coat produces multiple anti-reflective coats on all surfaces made of glass. The function increases its capability to transmit light.
  • Ten (10) brightness levels in the settings.
  • Lightweight and compact, thanks to its single-piece chassis.
  • The edge-to-edge resolution that offers unlimited eye relief through the large field lens.
  • Built-in seals that prevent debris, moisture, and dust from getting inside the MOA sight. The O-ring seals are also waterproof, while its rugged construction offers the shockproof feature.
  • Automatic shutdown for battery life preservation.
  • Armor Tek feature that makes the sight scratch-resistant.
  • Lifetime warranty.

A Picatinny mount makes the red dot sight a versatile match with many other firearms. With every Torx purchase, you also get a T-15 wrench


5) Sightmark SM26008 Ultra Shot Plus Red Dot Sights



Incredibly lightweight, the Ultra Shot is the “baddest” sight under the Sightmark® reflex line. This versatile and accurate reflex sight is perfect for rifles and shotguns. It is equipped with a weaver mount that perfectly fits standard Weaver bases or Picatinny.

The Sightmark SM26008 also highlights adjustable brightness, four bright reticle patterns, and full field-of-view. Its anodized and sturdy aluminum construction allows the Sight to withstand heavy recoil that often comes from larger calibers. Moreover, the sight has digital switch controls, automatic one-hour shut-off feature to help extend the battery life, adjustable, easy weaver mount detach, and a corrected parallax.


Sightmark SM26008 Ultra Shot Plus is preferred because of features like:

  • Digital switch controls.
  • Rugged durability through cast aluminum alloy material.
  • Red or green illuminated reticle, which is the most useful under less favorable lighting conditions.
  • The internal InterlokTM locking system that can hold exceptionally well with no field re-adjustment needed later on.
  • Parallax corrected.
  • Adjustment tools, neoprene cover, and battery.
  • Four (4) patterned reticle, which are 3 MOA Dot, 50 MOA circle; 3 MOA dot, 50 MOA crosshair, 5 MOA Dot; and 3 MOA dot, 30 MOA crosshair.
  • Unlimited eye relief.


Budget Option: Ade Advanced Optics Red Dot Reflex Sight



Since price is one of the most important considerations for many people, the Ade Advanced Optics is a decent way to go for those on a budget. The Ade Advanced Optics offers digital single adjustment button switch that is designed perfectly for multiple brightness options. Its aperture is 33mm -length, 283g -field of view, 82mm -weight, and 15.8mat100m. While it doesn’t have the features and specs of the higher end options but for beginners or again, those on a budget it’s a solid choice.


Ade Advanced Optics is preferred because of features like:

  • Ability to fit in most standard rail Picatinny systems.
  • Locking screws for easy sighting adjustments.
  • Eight (8) reticle, five settings for easy brightness adjustment.
  • The mounting system is simple to detach.
  • Aluminum Body that has metal shield
  • Includes the scope, lens cloth, battery, and hex wrench.



Holographic sights allow for easy scanning of surroundings. This paves the way for easy target location and total situational awareness. These best holographic sights work well with pistols, shotguns, and AR-style rifle making it easy for you to acquire multiple targets.