A disclaimer for owning firearm weapons: we are and should be responsible for them—for their usage, storage, and most importantly, cleaning. Clean guns fire more precisely, and the more accurate they fire then that means less risk on your end if you need to use them.

Using a firearm leaves powder residue and small debris that builds up over time, and this could lead to malfunction. Firearms can also be damaged due to high moisture exposure that can lead to irreparable damage because of the firearms internal affected parts.



Cleaning a firearm gives you the authority to have the right cleaning paraphernalia to clean thoroughly. Similarly to a firearm, there are several things to consider even before the actual cleaning.

Make sure to use cleaning tools and brands that have a good track record with value for money. Generally, gun cleaning kits are designed for general use. In firearms, however, you would want tools to be target-specific so different parts often mean different sizes. The general gun cleaning kit usually come with.

  • Cleaning tools – brushes of every type with an array of bristles for different functions
  • Cleaning materials – in most cases, cleaning cloths and cables to keep firearm accessories in place
  • Chemical solvents – obviously, guns may need a more potent substance to remove residue
  • Oil and other lubricants
  • Carrying case – easy transportation. When it comes to the casing, what matters is how the efficiency of the cleaning kit has always been its priority. Decorative assortments on the kit itself would depend on personal preference.
  • Patches
  • Patch holder
  • Jag
  • Rod



Estimate how much it will cost you to invest in the best gun cleaning kit you can afford. Once you have determined what you need and what you don’t, it is time to consider what tools are necessary inside your kit.

Specialized cleaning kits are those that are designed to clean firearms. Another terminology, field cleaning kits refer to kits that are mobile and allows you to clean the weapon wherever you may be. This could be convenient for those who are hunting or target shooting because they can clean the gun after their activities considering that even the smallest residue can affect the effectiveness of the firearms purpose. Residue build-up can cause the gun to backfire and can generate severe or even harmful effects. Most importantly, development of gunpowder residue reduces the quality of the weapon.

It’s important to know your gun specifics before the purchase of the kits because there are kits that specialize in a particular type of gun. Certain calibers include added tools for a more heavy duty cleaning.

A pricier kit could be very durable; thus, you may to invest your money on a quality cleaning kit rather than replacing a firearm because you did not clean it thoroughly. Guns need to be cleaned regularly, and in some cases, you may clean it more thoroughly more often. So choose kits that can help you with this.

There are cheap and mid-range kits that can offer you a reasonable bargain. Like all things, do your research so that you have a fair compromise.



As much as we want to, we cannot customize a cleaning kit if we’re going to buy them. So having to put all the pieces together would depend on what you know and what you want it for.

Cleaning brushes are the tricky ones because only stores that specialize in gun cleaning or gun stores have them. “Most online retailers offer the invidiousness components for sale as well. While what is included in your kit will depend on whether it is universal or intended for a specific firearm.” (Shooting and Safety, 2019)

Individual items are easily replaced. This pertains to the solvents and oils and, eventually brushes. Caution should also be exercised when using cleaning materials. Universal kits are general for a reason—and that’s because they carry trusted brands who can do the work. If the solvents and oils do not respond the way you want it to respond or the way that it should, you can always replace them.

As time passes and you have a greater hang on things, replacing general cleaning agents with ones that your gun responds well to will be more beneficial for you in the long run.



The brushes come in plastic, stainless steel, and bronze. Bronze is highly recommended followed by steel. Seasoned gun users cite bronze as the most efficient, especially if you are using rifles and shotguns. For an exceptional cleaning result, plastic brushes can be used if using a powerful cleaning solvent to avoid dissolving.




Product #1: M-Pro 7 Tactical 3 Gun Cleaning Kit



  • Preferably for 5.56mm rifle, 40 cal./9mm pistol and a 12-gauge shotgun. Also adapted to rifles 5.7x28mm 22, .222, .223, .225, .22-250 calibers and pistol BoreSnake 9mm, .41, .38, .357, .380 calibers
  • Cleaning materials specifically includes three M-Pro7 BoreSnakes
  • M-Pro 7 Bore Snake kit designed for the cleaning needs of 3-Gun Competitors
  • Lockable plastic carrying case
  • Lint-free cleaning cloth
  • Nylon utility brush foam gun pad
  • Cleaners and Lubricants: 2oz. M-Pro 7 Gun Cleaner and 2oz. M-Pro 7 Gun Oil LPX
  • Weapon maintenance instruction guide

PROS: This cleaning kit covers all the basic needs for firearm cleaning. The adjustable tools can be used to many models helping maintain the quality of weapon use. The lint-free cleaning cloth plus oil and lubricant removes unwanted copper, lead, and debris from the barrel after use. It is also extremely portable and there are pockets used in case you would want more accessories to be handled.


CONS: There is no question that this particular gun cleaning kit has quality: it does not, however, provide you a generous amount of cleaner and lubricant. Based on the size of the bottle and how often you clean your weapon, the liquid contents might run out easily. You may have to buy add-ons such as swabs and brushes for a more thorough clean.

Product 2: Outers Universal 62-Piece Blow-Molded Gun Cleaning Kit


  • This gun cleaning kit itself is a hard-plastic latch case with specific slots for each tool.
  • The cleaning rods fit a variety of large firearms. They are made out of strong solid brass with tips that can be interchangeable with high-quality tips, mops brushes or patches.
  • Compartments come in different sizes to accommodate the lengths of their tools, each piece has a specific spot in the bag.

PROS:  This gun cleaning kit focuses on detail because tools are used for the nooks and crannies of a firearm. Think of it like a gun man’s toolbox consisting of cleaning tools. Its 62-piece cleaning tools help you clean like a professional. It has different variants of interchangeable tips in different sizes.


CONS: Specifics were not mentioned in the product description. Feedback and function of the bag, as well as the tools, would depend very much on personal taste and use. Cleaners and lubricants are not included and cleaning might not be as effective if the tools are replaced with another.


Product 3: Otis Hardcore Hunter Mossy Oak Cleaning System



  • Mossy Oak Camo Soft Pack Case is the kit’s exterior
  • Used for .410 Bore – 10 gauge shotguns
  • 8 inch, 30-inch and 34 inch Memory-Flex® Cables for effective and correct Breech-to-Muzzle® cleaning
  • Obstruction removal tools in case of blockages in the barrel
  • Has Lightweight soft pack with belt loop for easy transportation
  • Waterproof zipper for protection against weather
  • Includes seven firearm-specific bronze brushes with 20 gauge shotgun brush
  • Cleans a wide range of firearms: rifles, pistols, and shotguns from .17 caliber through 12/10 gauge
  • Microfiber lens cloth

PROS: Travel size and camouflage – the soft pack case contains general tools of narrow-width weapons (rifles, pistols, and shotguns). Cables, solvent and bronze brushes included. Covers all the cleaning essentials for half the price of specific brushes.


CONS:  Cleaners and lubricant may not be enough. You have the option of purchasing more patches if necessary.  

Product 4: Real Avid .223/5.56 Pro Pack



  • General composition of a premium .223/5.56 cleaning kit with carbon scraper, brass components and field guide all in a compact container
  • Maximizes itself an “ultimate cleaning kit” with Real Avid products – the MSR Field Guide, MSR Scraper, and an upgraded MSR Gun Boss cleaning kit – all in one kit
  • An upgraded version of the cleaning kit consists of: a 7-section 33” brass cleaning rod, angled pick and stuck round extractor
  • A nylon cleaning brush
  • 223/5.56 phosphor bronze bore brush and chamber brush with brass connection points
  • The kit’s exterior is zippered and weather-proofed with a ballistic nylon shell
  • Includes an internal tool tray that holds the parts in place while being transported
  • A bolt group scraper that can cut 12 services in precision fitting the four main parts of BCG.
  • 8 Star-chamber cleaning pads
  • 50 patches
  • 3-in-1 bore illuminator/pin punch/safety flag

PROS: Quality comes in small packages. Real Avid provides a carbon scraper and brass component that is their best selling product. The kit centers on high-quality functional tools that may be small in number but do the job well. A quick reference is also included for troubleshooting.


CONS: It is strictly a toolkit and may not be sufficient for thorough cleaning. No cleaning materials or liquids included.

Product 5: HOPPE’S Elite EGCOTG Gun Care On The Go Kit W/Case & Pillow Packs Box



  • Five assorted bore brushes are included
  • Lockable conveniently lockable hard case
  • Foam gun pad
  • Multi-section cleaning rod with Folding Handle
  • Lint-free gun cloth
  • Cleaners and lubricants are Hoppe’s Elite Gun Cleaner and Hoppe’s Elite Gun Oil with T3 in convenient single-use pillow packs
  • Five assorted bore brushes are included to help effectively clean firearms

PROS: Expanded view shows a kit ideal for on-the-road and hunting. The kit presents itself with a suitable amount of cleansers and lubricant. Five brushes cover general types of firearms. A cleaning guide and additional patches are provided. A comprehensive kit that balances cleaning and maintenance.  


CONS: This gun cleaning kit may not be ideal for traveling because of the size. It is also not ideal for gun aficionados because despite the variety of cleaning tools, it is not specific for every type of gun. Therefore, you may have to add additional products and replace some existing tools if you were to make this a cleaning kit for a specific firearm.




Again, these reviews are based on user preference and the desired outcome. The choices above all have advantages that are convenient for the customer but some tools have been prioritized over others in some kit. As an act of caution, it is always best to know what you want as a gun cleaner beforehand and know the details of what you want as to be able to purchase the kit that is most appropriate for you.